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The Resotel

Parkfield the business hotel and resort in Bangalore

Ensconced amidst 33 acres of tranquility, Parkfield Resotel is a unique blend of a resort and a business hotel. It brings the best of both worlds (a resort and a hotel) to create a one-of-a-kind experience called the resotel. It’s a weekend getaway for you and your loved ones. An exhilarating experience for the high flying corporate czar. Ideal for a wedding reception or a day out. It’s easily one of the best resorts in Bangalore.

Its lush green gardens, wide open spaces, eclectic Mediterranean architecture, bamboo groves, aromatic herbal gardens, and luxurious well-designed rooms are persuasive in their invitation. Furthermore, it has an ayurvedic spa to rejuvenate yourself, a fruit orchard to stroll around and pick fruits, and a mini golf course to practice your putting.

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